Moss Treatment

Moss Removal

Moss grows on all types of roofing, including wood, metal, asphalt, clay, concrete and tile roofs. Roofs in areas with high rainfall and high humidity are most susceptible to moss growth. However, roofs all over New Zealand are plagued with moss problems. Fortunately, there is a way to remove moss from your roof, and prevent it from returning.

Can moss damage your roof?

Moss itself does not cause much damage to roofs. However, moss collects water, which does accelerate wear and tear on roofing materials and can lead to roof leaks. Moreover, many people find moss unsightly, and, over time, moss can discolour a roof.

How we remove moss from your roof

When you invite us to your home, we will send roofing specialists to prepare your roof for treatment. This includes manually removing any moss that has accumulated using non-abrasive hand tools to cleanly slice the moss off the roof. A blower is used to remove loose debris from the roof and gutters, and then to tidy up the grounds before they leave your site.

Following roof preparation, a Solid Roofing qualified roofer, will attend your home to personally apply the treatment. Being in the industry for many years we have mastered the skills and knowledge necessary to safely and efficiently provide the best possible care for your roof.

Our roofing specialist will apply a non-toxic soap based solution, which neutralizes any moss, lichen, mould or mildew present. We use a gentle, saturating method of application; we do not use pressure washing, which can damage your roof. Our formula is environmentally friendly, does not bio-accumulate, and will not harm plants or animals.

Rain will aid in rinsing away some or most of the dead growth and grime from the roof over the 8-12 months following treatment, leaving you with a roof that looks like new.

In most cases, we guarantee that your roof will remain moss free for 24-months or we will return to make sure that you are satisfied, at no cost to yourself. We assess each roof individually, and will provide you with the most accurate warranty we can, based on our many years of experience. In all cases, the warranty is limited to one year where trees hang near the roof.

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